Dheeraj Rathee

/ April 24, 2022

Dheeraj Rathee, as Chief Technology and Analytics Officer, is responsible for the technical development, strategy, and innovation within Provide Digital. He is passionate about quality product development and implementing cutting-edge technologies from the fields of AI and Data Analytics to enhance product USP and value to customers. After finishing his PhD in AI and Data Analytics in 2015, Dheeraj worked with Provide group as an AI Data Scientist on Innovate UK-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership in collaboration with the University of Essex before joining the current position at Provide Digital.

Dheeraj got 8+ years of experience in Research and Development in various technology fields and is always up to learn, teach, inspire, and be inspired by talented teams and interesting businesses that foster innovation. He is a recipient of the Global Exceptional Talent endorsement for AI and Data Analytics from Tech Nation.